5/3/1 for Athletes + Off-Season Skill Work

Got a few questions here with this…

  1. How many total reps should be performed with jumps. throws and sprints for power at the beginning of the workout? I saw somewhere suggesting 10-20 total reps for jumps and throws, but the original article doesn’t mention how much exactly.

  2. Is it okay to add bodybuilding accessory lifts outside of upper back/lats, hamstrings, single leg work, and core such as DB Bench, Curls, Calf Raises, etc?

  3. Is 10 minutes after each workout for Prowler/Mile Run/Other Conditioning sufficient enough for conditioning? (4x a week)

  4. Is 4x week of 5/3/1 (about an hour to hour + 20 minutes each workout) and skill work w/ speed/agility training for 2 or so hours 6-7 days a week balanced enough?

If you only have advice on one or two that’s perfectly fine with me. Taking any good advice.


I throw 20-30 times 2x-3x times a week and jump 10-20 times 2x a week. Many of those throws are skill work and not max effort, same with sprints. But throwing, jumping, and sprinting are the sports I train for, so much of that is skill work.

Why add the bodybuilding? What is your goal?

In general, do as little as possible to make progress, and have a reason for everything you do.

Sorry I wasn’t specific enough, but I’m a soccer player so when I say skill work I’m talking about getting on the field and doing drills. Sorry.

I was looking into the extra iso/bodybuilding work in order to just make sure I had a complete physique and total-body strength. Like if I feel like I’m getting stuck somewhere in my bench I want to be able to work that area, as well as make sure I don’t look weird with giant thighs and muscular back but average calves or flat chest for example.

I wouldn’t add stuff then. The program is balanced enough.

I’d also be very conservative with your extra conditioning. Soccer practice should be plenty of conditioning by itself.

We have a handful of soccer players on our track team. The seasons overlap, and they rarely need extra conditioning.

My ONLY advice is to reset your entire thinking/program -you are holding onto dead ideas/bodybuilding when THE ONLY CONCERN IS THE SPORT.

At some point, you have to make a choice (unless you are Messi, etc.)