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5/3/1 for All Around Training? Jim Please Help


Hi Jim
I posted in the bigger stronger leaner section regarding ‘all around training’ and by that i mean being strong, fast, having good stamina etc etc, and i was recommended to speak to yourself about your recent ideas regarding this.
The person said you had a quote that went something like "you cant say anything negative about someone who can deadlift 500lb, do 20 pull ups and run a 7 min mile"
That is exactly the sort of thing i am looking for. Please could you give me some sort of ideas or maybe a certain training program to look for?
Thanks, Mike


The entire new book, 230+ pages, is about this. Since it’s bigger than a post and since you MUST know and embrace the principles and not “do templates” - you’ll have to wait. It takes years to embrace how and why to do this. So be smart and be patient.


Thanks for the reply Jim, sounds great.
Is the book going to be available as an ebook?
edit: Do you believe the longevity for this type of training is more so than purely powerlifting for example? (basically would you be more likely to be training when you got gray pubes training this more rounded way)


I’m very excited for the new book. I really want to learn as much as I can to pass along to my son. And I want to figure out this “7th week protocol” that everybody keeps talking about.


Jim I’m sure you get tired of this question but any new update on when the new book will be ready for sale?


Hey Mike, have you tried the S.S.S. (Singles, Speed, Size) routine from Beyond? That might be something that is in line with your current goals to tide you over until the new book is written. I also read on another thread that Jim said the book as been sent to publishing and it will probably be out sometime this fall.



Hey man,
I have not tried that before but I do have that book! I will give it a read now.
That’s cool I’m really looking forward to the new book.
Thanks a lot for the info!


I’ll be reading that book as soon as possible once it comes out so I can start “all around” training.

In the mean time, I’m following your “Dear Young Jim Wendler” lifting template, with jumps/throws before the lifts, and prowler sprints after the lifts. You think that’ll do for now?