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5/3/1 for a Beginner's Cut


Hey guys, i just finished doing Starting Strenght for a while and managed to get around 7kgs and all my lifts and form improved, but my bf% is kinda high now and my lifts are stalling so i plan to do quick cut and then try to keep progressing and maybe focus a little bit on hipertrophy
I was between madcow and 5/3/1, but after reading 5/3/1 and Beyond 5/3/1 i fell in love with the program.

Current Weight: 69kg
Current Lifts:
Squat: 2x5 102.5kg
Deadlift: 1x5 120kg
Press: 3x5 40kg (worst lift, struggled alot to get here)
Bench Press: 3x5 62.5kg

I plan on doing the one of the Fullbody workouts and after the Triumvirate or the BBB. What would you guys suggest me?
Sorry if anything is spelled wrong, english is not my main language


how many times have you reset on SS?


Once in every lift but the squat and i failed bench for a second time yesterday, but i dont feel like i can continue bulking nor that i can progress further on a cut.


If your goal is to get stronger, eat.


Thanks Jim, but do you think that i can i cut while maintaining as much strenght as possible with your program?


Jim is right. If you want to gain strength your going to have to eat! A little before and a lot after you workout. If your trying to "cut", i am assuming you mean have less body fat, 5/3/1 is probably not a good program for you. I am sure people maybe cut but 5/3/1 is a program for raw strength not have chiseled abs. And if your going to do BBB you have to eat A LOT!

Everybody has different goals as to what they want like to be huge, ripped, be as strong as they can get etc. You just need to figure out what you want and go from there.


Thanks for the reply, man. Right now i'm focused on maintain strenght and lose some bodyfat. But maybe in a month/month a half, i'll continue to focus on getting stronger and eating more again. It's just that i was once obese so i worry alot about getting fat and had an eating disorder for while. Sorry if i wasn't clear earlier


Your not going to get anywhere by switching goals every other month.


Amen. Get strong as hell. No reason to get weaker unless you think being weaker is better than being stronger.