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5/3/1 for 650kgs Raw

Hey guys, I’m a 22 y/o lifter, BW is around 97kgs and I started cutting 2 days ago because I want to improve my bodycomposition for the 93kgs weightclass.

For the cut I’m starting with 5/3/1, because I was only doing bullshit training in the last 6-7 months.

Training maxes are 200/125/210(kgs), best lifts are 205/140/250(kgs).

Bench 531 (only prescribed reps)
2 Count Bench 5x5@75% (of Wendler TM)
Pull Ups 4x6
DB Seal Rows 4x8
Tri 4x10-12

Squat 531 (only prescribed reps)
1ct Squat 5x5@75% (of Wendler TM)
Back Extensions 5x12
Abwheel 4x15

Press 531 (only prescribed reps)
Bench 5x5@80% (of Wendler TM)
Pull Ups 4x6
DB Seal Rows 4x8
Bi 4x10-12

Deads 531 (only prescribed reps)
1ct Deads 5x5@75% (of Wendler TM)
Leg Extensions 4*15
Core 4x40sec

So the first workout is tomorrow. Very exicted for the first session.

Looks good. Expect to keep modifying 5/3/1 every few months to tweak and find the accessory system that works bet for you.

Personally I’d add more on the accessory work. I’ve found that I like to do 2 - 3 supersets after the main work + big lift accessory (the 5x5 you’ve plugged in).

1 superset is usually accenting the main lift like:
GHRs and seated rows for DL
Back Extensions and LAT pulldowns for DL or squat

2nd superset is usually bi/ tri, just trying to get my arms up. Or something with face pulls and back extensions if my lower back needs rehab.

Don’t skimp on those back extensions, they save your back. You might find a higher rep range for those is better (I like 25 sometimes), but you’ll figure that out. Otherwise, good luck.