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5/3/1 & First Meet Experience


What's up guys, this is me giving credit to 5/3/1 to what I deemed to be a successful first meet. I started training with some semblance of logic when I jumped on 5/3/1 in August of 2012. I Squated like 175, benched like 155 and deadlifted no more than 225. I was also around 150 pounds. It took me about a year to realize what the principles of this program really meant (duh, right?) and for the last year I've really tried my hardest to adhere to those 5 basic principles that Jim lays out.

Fast forward 2 years later and I entered my first meet at 197 pounds and went 9/9 squatting 365 (40 lb PR), benching 225 (paused PR) and deadlifting 500 (45 pound PR). This is me saying thanks Jim, and encouraging everyone else to just stick to the main principles. I'm 22 right now and see myself being on 5/3/1 until I'm 72.

P.S. I also coach under Zach Even-Esh at his Edison location, he's been an awesome mentor to me too. With your program and Zach's Underground approach to training I feel like there's no way to not be a bad mofo.


This is great to hear and it’s great that you understand the princioles of the program. People get caught up in the minutia and thus why there are so many questions (that and no one reads). Say hello to Zach and tell him “Happy Hanukkah” for me. I don’t have many jewish friends so I gotta keep him around. (You are in good hands!)

As a coach or however you classify yourself - please keep training hard as fuck and lifting. There is nothing more transparent than one that doesn’t lift/train hard. You can read it in their “amazing new program!” Articles and kids can sniff them out. You are on a good path.