5/3/1 FB inspired log - Road to Raw Dutch Championships


I’m a 28 year old lifter from the Netherlands. In december the Dutch Raw Championships will take place. I am going to compete in the -83 kilo class.

Currently i only train beltless. Got tired of all the belt stuff and i really feel beltless training makes me stronger.

The guidelines i am using for my training are taken from 5/3/1 and adapted to my own preferences. I’m experimenting with overhead work since a while and less bench. Only one flat bench training a week, nowhere near max. I feel like my shoulders are the bottleneck and that’s reflected in the oh weights. One time i did a same experiment for about 6 weeks and hit my highest bench number ever, stupidly i neglected the shoulders again after that.

I’m running 2-3 cycles in a row and after that i deload and do a (mock) meet. Kinda like the cube method.

Well thats about it, i guess. I’m going to post my trains now.

Oh yeah, my best alltime 1rm’s in training are:

  • 215 kilo belt only squat @ 90 kilo bw
  • 250 kilo belt only deadlift @ 92 kilo bw
  • 140 kilo paused bench @ 90 kilo bw

My best raw meet ever was:
205 + 130 + 227,5 @ about 87,5 kilo bw (lonnngg time ago)

Training from last monday:

6x2 one legged for distance

Bottom paused squats
3x5 135
3x2 135

Wide grip oh bb press
3x5 52,5
3x2 52,5

5cm snatch grip box pulls
3x8 115

Farmer walks - new pickup per 12 meter

  • 3x60m 77kilo


  • 3x 30 secs planks
  • 3 sets side raises
  • 3 sets db flies
  • 60 reps band triceps pushdowns
  • foam rollen + stretchen + deadhangs

Training today:
BB Snatch paused under knees

Deadlift - 3’s day
warming up
3x 155
3x 180
5x 200

conclusie: lol. had one rep left. beltless this is even a pr.

Presses + pulls
6x 100 paused bench press superset 6xBW + 20kilo smalle grip pullups
2x3 110 paused bench press superset 6xBW + 20kilo smalle grip pullups
2x10 32 high incline db press superset 2x12 BW hammergrip pullups

conclusie: bench strength holds up fine. every set 2-3 reps left. technique is suffering a bit… but that isnt really a problem at the moment.

Bear hug walks
3x for distance


  • partial standing ab wheel rollouts
  • 3x30 rear delt flies
  • 3x12 cable flies
  • 3x10 neck extensions
  • deadhangs and stretches

5x2 weighted for distance over benches

Squats - 3’s day
warming up
3x 130 kilo
3x 150 kilo
5x 165 kilo

conclusie: experimenting with a higher bar placement. i still have to get used to it, but it does feel like the bar travels a better path than before.

Wide grip strict oh press
warming up
3x 50 kilo
3x 57,5 kilo
3x 65 kilo
3x 65 (regular grip)

Farmer walks
warming up
3x1 12 meters 112 kilo

Deficit deadlifts
5x3 135


  • 5x10 hanging leg raises
  • 2x10 leg curls
  • 3 sets head harness neck raises
  • foam rollen