5/3/1 Experiment for Old Dude

I’ve been at this for many years and I’m at the point in my training life that I like to experiment a little to see what works and what I like. At 53 years young I’m not going to set the world on fire with my lifting, I just do it for fun and because it’s been a habit for so many years. Due to my advanced age and limited recovery capabilities, I keep looking for ways to work out often, keep the workouts short, and maximize recovery. I’ve been kicking this idea around for a while now and I think I’m ready to pull the trigger on it after I finish my deload today. I was just wondering if Jim has tried something similar since he’s probably done about every variation of 5/3/1 imaginable. If so, what was your experiences with it? If not, does it even sound reasonable?

Week 1:
Mon. Bench - 5x5@75%
Tue. Squat - 3/5/1 PR sets
Thu. Press - 5x5@75%
Fri. Deads - 3/5/1 PR sets

Week 2:
Mon. Bench - 3/5/1 PR sets
Tue. Squat - 5x5@75%
Thu. Press - 3/5/1 PR sets
Fri. Deads - 5x3@75%

Try this - start with 85% TM.

2 cycles of this:

Mon. Bench - 5x5@ SSL
Tue. Squat - 5’s PRO
Thu. Press - 5x5@ SSL
Fri. Deads - 5’s Pro

Week 2:
Mon. Bench - 5s PRO
Tue. Squat - 5x5@ SSL
Thu. Press - 5’s PRO
Fri. Deads - 5x3@ SSL

Assistance per workout:

Push- 25-50 total reps/workout
Pull - same
Single leg/Core - same

Next two cycles - what you have listed, PR’s on only 3 and 1 weeks.

Assistance for these two cycles can be increased to the following but only if you want:

Push- 50-100 total reps/workout
Pull - same
Single leg/Core - same

There are almost unlimited variations you can do following this structure. It’s just about what you want/can do.

Perfect. Thank you for taking the time to help.