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5/3/1, Doing Cardio on Off Days?

I am on my second cycle of 5/3/1 , following the basic routine right now. On my off days is it ok to swim or bike on those days or will it effect my growth?

Yes, it’s expected you do at least “easy conditioning” for any 531 template. Swimming or biking (or hiking, weight vest walks, easy jogs) would all be easy conditioning that will not only help you get into better shape, but help with recovery.

Hard conditioning, like hill sprints, track workouts, HIIT, etc… are optional for most programs, depending on the specific program and your goals.

I agree, i think low-moderate intensity cardio is fine on off days. I would keep these sessions no longer than half hour. To be on the safe side in terms of recovery, I wouldn’t make it super leg intensive nor should these sessions be “exhausting”

I Airdyne 20 to 30 minutes most mornings followed by light stretching to get the day going. No negative effects on lifting or hard conditioning.