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5/3/1 - Deloading Before 4th Week


Hi guys,

This is my first 5/3/1 cycle, third week, i need to the my last session (legs) and then deload week.

However, ive been lifting hard for about a month already before i started 5/3/1 and i feel overtrained. Can i start deload week eventhough i still have one session from the third week left?


If you feel like you might injure yourself sure. If not suck it up and go lift if anything just do the required sets and reps and leave the gym.


Cheers mate!

Yeah i really feel like i can easily injured myself. At one of the last sessions i really went balls to the walls (deadlifts and good mornings), so my low back has been killing me (somewhat muscle sornes, somewhat my previous disc injury).

Considering that if i decide to skip todays session (squat day), should i still increase 1rm for squats by 5 kg for the next cycle?


I would only increase in weight if on your other sessions you hit the required reps or more fairly easy. I try to never skip sessions and this is the first month I skipped my pressing because I did something to my upper back doing DB rows going balls to the wall and then I decided to do squats anyway and after I did my sets I had 225 on the bar and could hardly un rack it and it hurt like hell to take the weight off the bar, so its not worth hurting yourself.


I estimated my 1rm for squats to be 90kg. I was required to do at least 3 reps of 72.5 kg the last session and i did 16reps. So i guess i underestimated 1 rm, what do u think?

Same happened for dead lifts. I estimated 1 rm at 110kg, and then i did 15 reps with 95 kg (i was required to do 1).

Thanks mate!


Aslong as your using proper form and making progress I wouldn't change anything


Are you doing the program as presicibed in the book or are you using your own version? If using a training max not true max to set your rep scheme it shouldnt be killing but it should be hard. ALso if you use the program where each day is broke out not combo'd it much easier ie Mon-Squat, Tue Bench, Wed cardio, Th DL, Fri OHP Could be you arent eating enough 5/3/1 is a grueling progam if your not getting enough to eat


Im doing a four day split as u layed out, without cardio. I think im eating plenty, 4200-4500 cal a day. Dr D says in my case i should be having 25x desired bw, which is 5200 cal. Affraid to eat that much lol

Do you remember how many cals u had on a bulk?

Also im not doing bbb template but 5/3/1 for bodybuilding, its a bit more volume.

Yeah, i calculated everything correctly. I think its just all the workouts from a mnth before i started up 5/3/1 that are cathing up with me.


I did 20x bw and after 4 months with the ad 5/3/1 combo I put on about 10lbs only gaind 2% bf so I was happy. If feeling gassed try a mid week carb spike. Also try olive oil in yur protien shakes pre workout or just black coffee w heavy cream. I'm sure your eating plenty of red meat don't be afraid of 80/20 hamburger its dirt cheap & great 4 bulking


Maybe the problem is the number of reps on the last set. It says you should try to beat your records but if you have been going all out on last set every training day that may be the problem. You may do it one or two cycles but not all the time. Also Jim always kinda says to leave one or two rep in the tank and that it isn't always good to go to failure. :slightly_smiling:


hi guys!

Im trying to bulk (on anabolic diet) and im eating quite a lot, 4200 cal (im 179cm 10-11 %bf). I was making very small gains for the last 2 weeks on those cals, like couple hundreds of grams a week. This week i need to stay away from weights coz i injured myself. This is my 3rd day off and this morning i already weigh almost a kilo less. Is it normal that we loose weight during week off or do i just need to increase cals?


Thanks for that mate!

As i said down there i always loose weight when i take a week off. Does that happen to u as well?

This week i weigh less then the last week while having 4200 cals. A friend of mine told me its normal to happen when we train but i never read smth like that. Ppl usually are affraid to put on weight in that week haha


This is addressed in the book....just get the required reps and get out...cut assistance work. Only press for pr's when you have it in you.

This program is for the long haul.


Look, i did a quick calculatio about your gains (although i assumed u have my stats coz i dont have yours). If i only put 2 kg of fat on, my bf will go from current 11 to 13%. So in your case, it would mean that u gained about 5lbs of fat and 5lbs of muscle. 5 lbs of muscle in 4 mnths is very good i think.


I agree with what Utah says about the PRs but thats if your main focus is strength. If your trying to get big the assistance work is what really brings it home. Also limited cardio and only doing the main lift rep set along with all those bulking cals could turn you into a fatty. The 2nd and 3rd week of each cycle is brutal personaly I wouldnt skip the 4th deload week as Im pretty sure big Jim put it there for a reason.

Yeah 5lbs in 4months seems right I probably could have done better if I fine tuned the AD. IMO more red meat & fish would have maybe helped. Im gonna take a run at it again this october. Im pretty sure I was 165-167lbs when I started 5/3/1 AD bulk combo and ended around 175 I know it was around 4months becuase I bulk during the NFL season. Its kind of a american tradition to eat a bunch and watch football during the NFL season. Also I felt my gains were good becuase I never did a program that heavy or organized before. I think you will do fine its a good combo, I think you will put some good size on you will certainly be stronger:)


Haha nfl and bulking combo sounds fun:)

Wtf, my weight is consistently dropping (altho this week i took off coz i injure my back-herniated disc). This is my weight measurment log:

Mon 80.1;80.2;80.7
Wed 79.0;80.0;80.0
Thu 79.3;80.1;79.9
Fri 79.6;80.5;79.4
Sat 78.7;79.6
Sun 80.0;80.7

I must be a monster when not putting on weight while averaging at 4500 cals. The first week i gained weight but it must have been mostly water.

Maybe i should increas my cals even more, to 5000..


Rule of thumb, BW X 18. This is for loosing weight. I used the bench mark of X24 for maintenance and X32 for gaining.

My "gaining" calories were in excess of 6000 cal a day on the AD.

apart from that, get more info on the diet. Gaining weight and AD are hard. Not impossible, but hard. I personally could not maintain that much calories over time. I believe CT has an article here on the very subject.

When you injure yourself, you don't stay away. You find ways to stay mobile, active and engage without pain.


Hey thata a ridiculous ammount of caliries!!!

What are your results with muscle gains? It says in the book 1-2 lbs a week, isnt that a bit too much? Can we reAlly expect to gain lean 1-2 lbs a week? Apparently the most we can gain is 0.5lbs a week, everything else is fat.


Serious? All you got out of what I said is "That's a lot of calories" and "What is my gain going to be"?

If you gain to much weight too fast, you are eating to much or not working out hard enough and vice versa.

This is your first 5/3/1 cycle. Do it for minimum of 6 cycles, stop complaining about 'over training", adjust your diet as above and stop sweating the small stuff.

Trying to figure out how much weight you will gain on a diet is pointless. WAY to many variables. Use the rule of thumb, make adjustment as needed.


You obviously dont get me! There is a natty limit to what u gain a week (lean muscle). Thats why most ppl shoot for 0.5 lbs gain a week. However the book says u can gain 1-2 lbs a month without adding too much fat. Got me know?