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5/3/1 Deload Week

I hit my “5/3/1” week during finals. I made all the workouts albeit a day or so late. Summer vacation has hit (all 4 days of it). If I dont touch a weight and just focus on sleeping and eating well do you think I would suffer if I just skipped the deload week and went to my next “5” week?

I’ve only been doing this a month, but have been loving this program so far. Last week, I hit a pr on every workout. I am doing BBB. I have set my goals up for 10 months from now (405/305/405).


You’ll be fine, maybe a tad weaker the first day back since you’ve only been doing it for 1 cycle. I would recommend you do the deload week if you can however. Whats an hour a day?

I’d probably still take the deload week and just take it as a period of time to REALLY focus on technique. That should be beneficial and you should be better off doing that.

Wendler says to use the deload week so I’m gonna keep doin it