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5/3/1 Deload: Drop Accessory Lifts?


with a 5 / 3 / 1 deload week do you drop accessory exercise as well?

i was planning on dropping them anyway and just do the main lift + abbs but wasnt too sure if it was neccissary or not


I would recommend doing the accesory work as well, but do it lighter than usual. That's what has worked for me with 5/3/1 and I always feel strenghtened and refreshed after deloading. I started 5/3/1 in January this year and have made great gains on it since.


When I deload the main lifts, I tend to add more volume to the accessories by just a bit. But some people need deloads by intensity AND volume.. so.. you gotta see what works best for you.


When I was on 5-3-1, I used to reduce volume in assistance work by cutting reps (5x6 instead of 5x10, for instance), but I kept sets and load the same as the third week. Now I'm back to this awesome program, and will do the same.

As you see, there's no answer set in stone.


ah okay yeah ill just mess around with it on a few cycles and see what works best for me for de load. atm i am just doing bodyweight exercises, lunges, dips, chin ups and i guess ill need to do dumbbell work for military day.. but that seems good so might stick with that


This is the correct answer...accessory work is to complement your main lifts, bring up weak points, or allow you to focus on something you want to improve (hypertrophy, conditioning, etc.)...as JW says, it is to keep your mind and body strong, but do not major in it...