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5/3/1 Day 3 Substitute - DB Snatch?


Jim, I was wondering if DB Snatch would be a substitute for military press...my max squat was 385, and on wave 1, week 2 I got 335 for 7 pretty easy on the last set of 3 plus. Thanks for this program and all your help!


You might want to ask this in the 5/3/1 thread.


No. Push press or jerk are OK- taken from the book.





Weirdest substitute ever...


When I saw you commented this thread I was sure it was going to be a, "if only there was a thread..." joke.


Nah I think this warranted me going the extra mile to be honest... don't you?


I don't know, DB snatches and barbell presses are almost the same...


Yup, for people who don't know their arse from their elbow*!! (or shoulder... whatever)