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5/3/1 Crossfit Template


I just got done reading 5/3/1 and beyond and according to the book it said use multi joint exercises as the basis for your program.I took that as in you can use cleans as a basis lift so I plugged it in and here is what my template looks like (heavy squat emphasis):

Monday: back squat 5/3/1 , 2 assistance , metcon (under 10 min)
Tuesday- push press 5/3/1 , 2 assistance , hill sprints
Wednesday- cleans 5/3/1 , clean pulls , metcon (under 10 min)
Thursday- rest
Friday- front squat 5/3/1 , 2 assistance , metcon
Saturday- bench 5/3/1 , 2 assistance, metcon if I’m feeling good

  • I am a crossfitter and it is a priority to get my strength up.
  • from what I have read 3-4 metcons a week is “ok” as long as they are short and high intensity. I am however concerned with the squatting in this program. Is this to much squatting with the metcons? To many assistance? Let me know what you guys think.


Please read my articles on programming - this violates about 1000 things. Who does their conditioning like that? Sorry but Crossfit is probably one of the dumbest/remedial ways of conditioning known to man. Literally an insult to anyone in this business that takes their job seriously. DO IT RIGHT!

Please see the articles on conditioning, assistance work, programming different templates and how to program EVERY conditioning program.


I thought so, if I were to take the metcons out would this template still be ok? Thank you for the input!