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5/3/1 Crossfit Template, Lower Body Assistance?


I’ve the ebook version and would like to know if there is a mistake in the 5/3/1 and crossfit part.

In templates for the conditioning work that follows Strengh training, in both upper and lower body, the two assistances movements (after full body movement and conditionning movement) are always for upper body.

But in the example for the lower body the first assistance movement in the conditioning are the wall sits for 2 minutes, wich is listed in “Assistance movements for lower body”.

Any idea if there is a mistake in the templates?

Best regards.

Throw all that shit out and wait for new book and how to use Weight Vest work for WALRUS training, etc. Or how I program the assistance work for circuits that aren’t fucking stupid and ALWAYS have a point.

In other words, I’ve matured greatly as a programmer and have joined “the big boy table”. Takes decades of work to be an intermediate. I can only imagine what it takes to be a true, TRUE professional.

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So this is outdated?

No more conditioning work?

No - we do condition.