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5/3/1 & CrossFit Program

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In befoe flame war in 5…3…1[/quote]

fixed it for ya ;)[/quote]


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*** therefore i do more volume (it’s only 3 extra sets per week). You guys are correct its not the 5/3/1, just my own tweaks. It works better for us, and probably for you to, if you condition regularly. On the other hand if your main focus is strength i would keep the conditioning to a minimal as well as doing the original 5/3/1. I appreciate you guys taking interest in my article! Thank you much![/quote]

You didn’t write an article. You made a post.

Further, if you think strength athletes don’t need conditioning you’re a bit clueless. Hell 3-4 of my training sessions a week are conditioning.

5/3/1 has conditioning in as an integral part (hill sprints? Prowler?)

I think all these threads that “modify” 5/3/1, should just say “Jim Wendler inspired.” A lot better than “modified” 5/3/1. 5/3/1 shouldn’t be modified, but if you make a submaximal, percentage based, no bullshit, easy to use, full encompassing athletic training program with focus on strength that’s easily manipulable to your goals, that’s sounds like Jim Wendler would approve.

Or he might just say “That’s nice. Use 5/3/1.”

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im fucking confused. what did wendler add in the second edition anyway? i only have the first addition.[/quote]

The book has several sections of different ways to set up your assistance, as well as some other stuff.

Ways to incorporate crossfit training is in there. It doesn’t change the 5/3/1 main lifts stuff at all, it shows a way to set up your assistance work that is similiar to crossfit stuff. I think that’s what the poster was referring to.

It also has ways to program big accessory lifts (stuff like good mornings, front squats, incline bench, etc) , ways to incorporate rest pause training (DC inspired), different full body templates, and some other ones.

It’s not a neccesity if you already have the first edition, but it is a good read, and you’ll learn some more ways to set up 5/3/1 for your needs. I’d pick it up if you’ve got some money lying around. 5/3/1 for powerlifting is good too.

OP, I would probably not be calling your program “5/3/1 for Crossfit” (like the title of the thread suggests) because I am almost positive that the “5/3/1” is TMed and you could be getting yourself/your affiliate into possible legal trouble. Just a heads up.

Well first of all, you’re wrong. Conditioning does not burn muscle, it burns fat, unless you are not eatting enough and not taking enough rest days. Therefor your whole concept is wrong, and the 5/3/1 system does not need to be modified.

/sigh. People like the OP are why the CrossFit forums are just an annoying place to be

you’re doing it wrong.jpeg

just do rp5x5 and your crossfit athletes will become PRO!

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Conditioning, burns some muscle for energy, as well as using up much of your glucose stores for recovery [/quote]
You are doing it wrong. [/quote]

very wrong.[/quote]

Very, very wrong haha.

I condition. A lot. To the tune of 20-25 miles running and 15-20 miles Ruck Marching.

I gain strength very regularly using an actual 5/3/1 program. In fact, I haven’t stalled yet.

I am pretty sure I am not odd. I am pretty sure that people do this on a regular occasion.

So do what makes you happy, that’s fine. If you want to do Crossfit in the morning, plus a Crossfit Football workout in the evening and swim on your off days while super-setting bosu ball curls and tricep kick backs, that is your right.

But on a page that Jim Wendler himself regularly writes on, and one that is full of amazing lifters in their own right, try really hard not to misname your posts. You will get flamed. Also try not to make ridiculously stupid claims like “Crossfitters need more volume.”

To the OP get off this forum, and post your useless nonsense stupid shit on the cosspussy forums where it belongs.

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