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5/3/1 Conjugated?


-After running Jim Wendlers Boring But Big 3 month challenge, I am now considering trying the challenge again accept with some typical conjugate exercises. I am aware that Wendler disagrees with almost all alterations to the program but does the template i have seem effective.
-Military Press (5/3/1) scheme
-Close Grip Pause Bench 5x10
-corresponding assistance work from the program
Day 2=
-Deficit Deadlift (5/3/1 scheme)
-Front Squat 5x10
-corresponding assistance work from the program
Day 3=
-Competition Grip Pause Bench (5/3/1 scheme)
-Military Press 5x10
-corresponding assistance work from the program
Day 4=
-Pause Squat (5/3/1 scheme)
-Sumo Deadlift 5x10 (regardless if you pull conventional)
-corresponding assistance work from the program


Yeah should be fine actually


Looks fine because the frame looks like this one, which I love a lot :slight_smile: https://www.t-nation.com/training/effective-training-for-busy-men


This isn’t conjugated at all. I don’t think you understand the term “conjugated” or rather “concurrent.”

This is BBB which is technically the EXACT OPPOSITE of conjugated/concurrent.


To my knowledge the conjugate method refers to indirect training for direct results. Specifically, training your individual weaknesses within the main lifts to overall strengthen them. This practice is commonly done using variations of the movements rather than the exact movement. The program i have here is indeed BBB but, i was wondering if the movements i have taken from PAST conjugate programs made sense in the outline i had. The title i gave was more for “click bait” so i could get a response from people. However, if i am still wrong please correct me. Much appreciated though to get a response from the legend himself.


That is way, way wrong. The conjugate (concurrent) method has ZERO to do with exercises chosen. Rather it is the development of multiple abilities at the same time - making it ideal for beginners but horrible, absolutely horrible for advanced lifters. So you can develop strength, endurance and hypertrophy at the same time (or whatever you want.)

I don’t know where you got this wrong information but I would HIGHLY advise you to stop listening to these jokers ASAP. The spread of stupidity seems to be exponential due to the internet.

I assume you are a student of training - this is all explained, very clearly, in Supertraining. I don’t know who sells it anymore due to the legal battle with the book but the correct term is “concurrent” training. Check it out - it is a good read and can help explain a lot of things. Some of it is will not apply to you but it certainly beats the internet.