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5/3/1 Conditioning?


Today was my day off and tomorrow I am suppose to get back in to the weight room to do deadlifts and some assistance work. Unfortunately, stupid me decided to be a hero and go do some treadmill sprints tonight thinking it wouldn't be much of a problem. I come home, feeling like crap, to find a Q&A on the 5/3/1 Q&A. Here it is:

  1. When NOT to do conditioning

Never do conditioning the day before lower body lifting

Yup, didnt see that.

Two questions:

1.) I am doing The Triumverate routine, which is 4 days a week. How often and when am I suppose to sprints?

2.) Can I still do deadlifts tomorrow? Since I decided to start this program on a Tuesday after doing Squat and bench on Monday and already having done military presses on said Tuesday, I don't know what else I can do lol

  1. Lower body day
  2. yes just do prescibed reps or LESS, depending on how you feel.


Sprint your other 3 days, at least.

Yeah you can. Page 52, move not of vag.


0) Jim also says you can do some conditioning every day, just take it easier the day before a leg day, and hardest on leg day after you lift.
1) Whenever you want, but optimal would probably be after lifting, and again just take it easier if the next day is a leg day.
2) Yes. Don't make a habit of it and do not be surprised if you do not do as well, but you should be able to take working hard two days in a row.