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5/3/1 Concern?


I just finished my 1st week of my 2nd cycle in the 5/3/1 routine. For the last sets of the main lifts, I benched 200 12 times, overhead pressed 150 15 times, deadlifted 315 9 times, but only squatted 300 6 times. Just two weeks ago, I squatted 330 4 times before the 1st deload week. Here is how it looks:

Week 2 in the first cycle looked like this:

Bench (3+)- 205 for 8 reps
Deadlift (3+)- 325 for 6 reps
OH Press (3+)- 155 for 10 reps
Squats (3+)- 315 for 6 reps (week 1 of 2nd cycle i did 300 for 6 reps)

so week 1 of the 2nd cycle looked like this:

Bench (5+)- 200 for 12 reps
Deadlift (5+)- 315 for 9 reps
OH Press (5+)- 150 for 14 reps
Squat (5+)- 300 for 6 reps

Should I be concerned about the squats? Or am I just over thinking this?


Maybe you overestimated your squat max a bit but if you are able to get the priescribed reps + some then stick with it untill you can't hit your reps and then reset.

Or just reset now no big deal.


Also keep in mind that workouts will vary. They can't all be winners.


300 and 315 for 6 reps are not THAT different. I wouldn't call this a drastic hit and I would wait a couple more weeks to properly assess if you need to reset your max.


I'd probably reset both squat and deadlift. You were only getting 6 reps on your first 3 rep week, that doesn't sound like a good start for this.
But this also depends on how much effort you needed for those reps, if you just stopped the set with say 4 reps in the tank, you are good to go with these maxes, but if this was an all out rep max...


IMO you probably just shit the bed on that one day. See what happens next week, and have a good mindset going into that last set. Try to keep everything the same between sets and reps ie set-up, your walk-out, tempo... And when you're warming up don't just screw around and kind of move the bar, you're warm up prepares you for your work sets so move that bar fast as you can.

Post an update after next squat day.


also squats are the longest range of motion, so each rep over is more significant than it is for say, bench press.