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5/3/1 Combined with Spinning


Ive developed a very bad case of tennis elbow and couldnt hit the gym for 4 months.

So in the meantime, when I realised I lost my gainz and started getting fat, I signed up for spinning classes.
Now my elbow got better and I want to start 5/3/1, building strength and physique with BBB. Today I already tried Benchpress and OHP with super super SUPER low weights and my elbow seemed ok, so I think, if I start very slowly, I may get back into it.

Thing is, I started doing spinning classes early in the morning before work, and I actually really enjoy them. Is this compatible with 5/3/1 ?


I have no idea- no one does. We have zero idea about your background and how you intend to account for “spinning”. I’m not sure what that is but assume that is when you ride a bike during a class with some person who helps you.

So you’d have to account for any additional stress/work but that is totally out of my area of expertise. I do know, however, that when you add something in, you have to take something out.