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5-3-1 Clarification Question


On Wendler's program, once you make it through the first cycle you go back and add 10lbs to each of the working weights on Squat and deadlift and 5lbs to the working weights on the Bench Press correct?

At what point do you determine a new 1RM to base the program off of?


If you read the book, it tells you. But since you asked nicely, heh... You don't redo your 1 rep max on the 5/3/1 program, it has nothing to do with 1 rep maxes, it has to do with getting stronger. One of the 1st things he talks about in the book is folks worrying about 1 rep maxes too much, saying for example,'well my max is 315 , I did it two months ago', whether the guy can do it now is anyone guess, JW set up the program so you have new Personal Records(PR's) for reps with a certain weight all the time, not maxes.

Once you get to a point where you can't make the minimum reps, you drop your working max 10-20% and continue on, doing the 5's, 3's and the 5/3/1 week with a lighter weight, and when you work back up to the 'sticking weight' again, you should be stronger and able to go on by it. There is never a reason to re-figure your 1 rep max at all for the program. Only for your vanity, hehe.


Thanks Ogre. So just to make sure I got it, just keep going back and adding 10/5 lbs per cycle till you stall correct?

I like that approach much better and it makes sense if that is the case.


yep, go til you stall, reset, and go again.


Thank you sir!


Okay what is the 5/3/1 program? Who wrote the book? New to this world of trying to get large. Thanks in advance.


5/3/1 was written my Jim Wendler. AKA " The lord all mighty" To a large % around here.