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5/3/1 Cardio


I am currently doing 5/3/1. Here is my template

Sunday: Military Press, Pullups, Dips
MON: Deadlift, GHR, hanging leg raise
Wed: Bench, pushups, pullups
Thurs: Squat, lunges, situps

I do the suggested sprint work three times a week, but want to add some cardio..

If I run on the treadmill for 30 minutes at a decent jogging pace after each workout, will that hurt my gains even if I make up for it by eating a bit more?


What are your reasons for wanting to add steady state cardio in?


I know diet is better for fat loss, but I've found it keeps me lean and feeling better throughout the day.


Well what I've been doing is going on long walks in the morning, and doing short runs, maybe 15-20 minutes at a comfortable pace only on upper body days, then hammering the sprints and drags on the lower body days.

But keep in mind by doing more steady state cardio, your slow twitch muscle fibers will start to become more adapted for endurance rather than strength and size, so try to keep it at a minimum unless you just really want to run, it's your body, just be aware of your goals.


No, but that is from my personal experience. I'm a 5/3/1er and working on getting leaner, still getting stronger. I will do 20-30 minutes of ss after training, and then 2-3 days/week of 60 min ss.


Really? I honestly did not know that. Is this to say that I will get weaker and smaller over time?


I got it from Eric Cressey's Maximum strength program where he talks about energy system training. What I got from it is that if the endurance work is more than the strength training then adaptation towards the system undergoing the most work becomes dominant, sort of like a tug of war. Pretty interesting stuff. But a common theme around T-Nation that only supports the study even more is that if you focus on one goal, or a smaller set of goals, at any given time the results will come much quicker.