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5/3/1 + Boxing


A couple of weeks ago I read about a guy that incorporated heavy conditioning training with powerlifting to go down in weight, that inspired me a little to start 5/3/1 along with my boxing training.
I went to 85% of my maxes on the squat and bench and kept 90% on the Oh Press and Deadlift.
This are the maxes i will be working with in this cycle.

OH Press. 160
Squat. 290
Deadlift 375
Bench 250

OH Pressing
135x11 New PR!

+Assistance Work
+PM Boxing
Sprint, Jump Rope, Shadow Boxing, Heavy Bag, Speed Bag. Out!!


+Assistance Work
+PM Boxing


*PM Boxing

Bench Press
215x11 PR!!

+Assistance Work
+PM Boxing

Squat Day

245x 14 New PR!! And maybe I underestimated my squat a little bit.

No Boxing today.

And this song got me pumped for my last set!


Great day! I tough I was going to be able to push only a couple of reps more than what the program calls for.
Today was my 3x5> for OH Press

OH Press
145x8! PR

It was a very good solid set! I was in a rush today so I only did Shrugs and Neck Bridges for assistance work I have to get eating for the boxing session.

I am extremely happy with this program I think everybody can make progress with this one even if you are commited to other sport.


My Last set song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HM3MSnTT4aY


I was a little disapointed with my performance today, my grip failed and I only got 6 reps of my last set I really need some lifting chalk my hands sweat a lot in this season of the year.



nice songs choices!


Really like this idea.
Was planning on doing something similar in autumn.
Keep the log up i am interested to see how it goes.
Has it increased punching power?
Has it reduced hands and feet speed?
Have always been told by my trainers to stay away from the weights.


How often are you lifting? Are you planning on competing? How much are you boxing every week? How long have you been boxing for?


Not at all! In fact I feel it has increased my stamina and my cross is more powerful, I have done this before but with a less intelligent approach to weightlifting.
And you shouldn't stay away from weights, if you add some power cleans and snatches to your training speed will not be an issue.


Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


I lift 4 days a week, I wanted to fight in August but my life is changing a lot right now, I live in Mexico and I will have to move to Las Cruces Next month due to College, I box 4-5 times a week I have been boxing since I was 13 but quitted intermitently(I don't know if this is the right term) I hadn't go to a boxing class since 1 year and a half ago, my fists got a little girly and my cardio was really bad so I decided to come back with a plan! And it's working well so far :slight_smile:


Today was bench Press day I SLAYED my last set i'm very happy!

225x10 perfect smooth reps!!!

For assistance work I made some kind of circuit

A1)Incline DB Bench 80x5
*15 second rest
A2)Pull-Ups with added weight(45lbs)x5
*15 second rest
B1)Projection Push Ups(Until Speed decreased)
*15 second rest
B2)Barbell Rows 185x5
*Rest for 90 seconds and repeat for 4 rounds.

Weighted Dips(45pounds)

It's working!! Last time i was boxing my lifting numbers used to go down, now I get my ass kicked in the Boxing Gym and kickass inthe Weightlifting Gym!!

Las set song:

Rise To Glory from DJ Quick and E.s Posthumus I couldn't find it on Youtube so i will post another song :stuck_out_tongue:


What made you decide to go with 85% for squat and bench and keep the OH press and DL at 90%?


I stall with too much ease on those lifts so I figured that if I take it easy on them I would see more progress and I was right I never hitted 225x10 reps on my bench before, and I feel I could have got an 11th grinder rep.
The same went for my squat that was the first time in my life I was able to squat 245x14 reps
My deadlift progress is coming ok
and my OH press progress is good!


Today I did something stupid, I don't know how is going to affect me in future training sessions, I got to the gym started to warm up and to do my sets, I train in a very small gym and it has a lot of useless machines and crap... When I started to do my last 3 sets I felt an "unbalance" on the barbell, I did my second set and I started to think that maybe my hip was a little messed up, I when I got to my final set I did the prescribed 3 reps but it was very uncomfortable to keep going that way so I racked the bar "What's going on?, I'm supposed to hit at least 10 reps!!" then I started to check out the barbell, squatted down with only the bar until I figured out what happened: I was slightly touching a bench with the very end of the barbell. I was pretty upset that was the reason I couldn't do a good set so I began to think "what am i supposed to do?

Fuck it, I will load the barbell again and do the real set!!"
And there I was struggling to get 6 reps with 260...
I should have checked the barbell twice when I was feeling that awkward but when I get to the gym i'm so focused at ignoring people that I don't even look around to avoid conversation with people...


And no assistance work I felt pretty bad after that last set...


Wanderlei Silva is my favorite fighter hands down! I always watch this guy before training!


I was out of town making paperwork for school
Today tuesday June 14:
I had only 30 minutes to train

OH Press 5/3/1 day
150x1> 5


Deadlift day
30 minutes to train, again...

355x1> 5 reps.


Bench Press day

235x1> 6 reps PR!


Well I went to spend some time with my friends at the xtreme park where I Skated for the first time in my life LOL I was feeling like a baby learning to walk and I was put on my ass 10 times or more by those evil things.


BTW I'm not performing Assistance lifts or going to the boxing gym because my left hand is injured I hope i'm ok for Monday session.