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5/3/1 & Box Jumps


Looking at adding some box jumps into the 5/3/1 template, so far im thinking:

A)3x3 after squats
B)1x MAX after squats
C) Box jumps have no place in 5/3/1



If you wanted to maximize your performance on the jumps, you could perform them before your squats as an "activation" exercise. But 5/3/1 is traditionally a strength based template. I'm sure you could integrate them pretty easily though. They may even help you squat more by priming your CNS. Check out CT's forum. He talks a lot about how explosive exercises prior to heavy lifts can really help you lift more.


Definitely do your box jumps before squats or deads.


Just make sure you account for the jumps in the rest of your workout. For example, if you were training for vertical jump and added box jumps and squat jumps or vertical jumps before your lower days, account for that by not doing as much assistance work. Every stress has to be accounted for and managed.


Why do you want to do the box jumps?


I do 10 jumps to a 36" box with a full ATG body weight squat on the box before squats and deads as a warm up. I have problems with hip flexability and mobility and I am convinced that this has helped me hit better depth on my squats. I also think its generally good as a warm up and gets the fluid running through my knees and back. I also just like jumping on the box.