5/3/1 Books Package Deal

Since I haven’t seen it mentioned around, there’s a bundle deal on Jim’s website for:
-5/3/1 2nd ed.
-5/3/1 Beyond
-5/3/1 Powerlifting
-5/3/1 Forever
-6 months of private forum subscription

@107$+shipping. It’s a good deal for local buyers but also internationals who have yet to pick up Forever due to the high shipping costs.
Shipping cost is high for international customers (50+$) for a single book, but stays the same for combined shipping of multiple items, so it’s a good way to get Forever along with physical copies of other 3 books and the forum subscription at about 160$.
Not exactly a cheap route but 100% worth it, it’s overall a small investment for books filled with infos for years of training.