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5/3/1 Book is Out!


Just downloaded it about 2 minutes ago.

Time to read…

I got my copy.

Is good?

anyone wanna email it to me :slight_smile:

[quote]B rocK wrote:
anyone wanna email it to me :)[/quote]

20$ men comme on…are you broke?

isn’t everyone?

I bought it mostly to support Jim- there’s not THAT much in the book that you can’t find between reading his Q&A/training log and the Training Three Days a Week manual.

There are some interesting tables and pages though, and I just plain love the system overall.

Got it to support Jim too considering I’ve got a lot out of his system. Wanted some clarification on what to do when progress stalls, which he gives, but then I hit 13 reps on my 5 rep squat day today, so I’m some distance away from there yet.

Was going to post on the 5/3/1 thread a few weeks back asking about using a 1rm calculator as a very crude way of measuring progress. Glad to see I was thinking on the right lines.

He doesn’t seem to mention the 3/5/1 variation though. Not sure where he is on that. I like it and I know one or two others use it.

i like it. even though i have the 3 day a week training book, i like the way he wrote the new book.

[quote]pal60 wrote:
Is good?[/quote]

It is good. It goes into more detail and answers most questions people have about the program. He also goes into detail on how to properly do the lifts. $20 is an awesome value.

It’s nothing earth-shattering, but it is a solid program with answers to many questions about 5/3/1. It’s also good reference source. I had no problem with spending the $20.