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5/3/1 & Bodyweight Accessories?


Thought I would come to experts for this question. I'd post in Wendler's but not much takes place over there.

I'm running the main ex, 5/3/1 & than wanting to use BW exercises for accessories. Run circuits of pull-ups/dips/pushups/abs. Maybe use these a metabolics. My question is, how does everyone feel about BW exercises? Are they worth putting the effort in to putting some size on?


Isn’t there a bodyweight assistance template for 531?


[quote]ActivitiesGuy wrote:
Isn’t there a bodyweight assistance template for 531?[/quote]

Their is. I should have asked, ‘has anyone’ givin’ it a go & what kind of success? I’m trying to ramp up the fat burning furnace to rid these last 10lbs before summer. Doing this template timed w/metabolic circles may be the answer… Not 100% sure though.


First - pick a goal. Lose 10lbs or add size?

Second - BW exercises are a great way to shed extra weight. I have done it using 531 but you will certainly want to lower your TM being in a caloric deficit. Plus using a lower TM allows the last set to be pushed pretty hard and certainly have a conditioning effect. Anyone who knows what it’s like to hit a high rep squat or DL knows this.

Third - it’s not necessary to run the BW exercises in a circuit.

I usually ran 70% of my competition max for squat and DL as my TM and 80% on the bench. Add 1-2 BW exercises to support the main lift. Add in some conditioning to help w/ the recovery and weight loss.

I’ve been training relatively consistently for about 5 years so you may not have to lower your TM’s as much as I did, but you will certainly want to start light and progress slower.


Thanks for the input osu. Much appreciated.