5/3/1 Bodybuilding Template

This exact template, would this be an leader or a anchor? What could you change to make it either? Main lifts better with regular 5/3/1 or 5s?


leader use 5’s pro with the main lift, anchor use the original 5/3/1 program with a PR top set. During leader, I’d use a big supplemental and in anchor I’d do more pump work. An example would be that during the leader for bench I’d do something like incline barbell bench for 5x10, but anchor I’d use incline dumbbell bench for 5x20.

I think I recall someone asking Jim the same questions somewhere and I don’t think he created that template with the Leader/Anchor format in mind. Not to say you can’t adjust it for that.

I plan on running it in the fall and I will probably just set an 85% TM and do 6 weeks, deload, then another 6 weeks and move on to something else.