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5/3/1/Bodybuilding Template


I've been on the original 5/3/1 for five cycles now. I do not have the powerlifter book. But, I have done BBB for the first two cycles, then did the three month BBB challenge. I'm looking to try a different template. BBB has been good so far, so I am a bit hesitant to change, although I like change, like a lot of other people...

Is the bodybuilding template supposed to be done with light weight on most exercises, (besides the big four obviously)? If people went medium or heavy on the exercises incorporated in Jim's bodybuilding template then couldn't that take away from progression on the big four lifts?

I also have another different question. Is Jim's "5/3/1 Beach Body Challenge" supposed to be a one time six week challenge, as an option in the process to gaining strength?

Thanks for your time!