5/3/1 Bodybuilding Template Question/Suggestion


I’ve been running the BBB template for 6 cycles. I’m loving the program, and made some amazing progression.

But now I feel like it’s time to switch things up, so I was planning to do the bodybuilding template.
The only thing is, I want to hit my muscles twice a week just like I did while doing BBB. So my ideal template would be an upper/lower kind of thing.

My question is: can I do the main lifts as usual, but change the assistance work so I can hit everything twice a week?

So the template would look like this:

Day 1:
OHP – 5/3/1
assistance: chest/back/arms

Day 2:
Deadlift – 5/3/1
assistance: quads/abs

Day 3:
Bench Press – 5/3/1
assistance: shoulders/back/arms

Day 4:
Squat – 5/3/1
assistance: hams and glutes(RMDL)/abs

I know it’s nothing like the given template, but I’d like to hear everybody’s thoughts on this.

(sorry for possibly incorrect english, I’m Dutch)

Brace yourself.

Taking cover…

Try it and see

hey, how are things in maaskantje? i would say your plan looks okay, because it looks very similar to “periodization bible” in JW’s 531 2nd edition. adapt your volume i.e. either push for a PR and lower assistance volume, or do minimal reps/slightly over/ 5’s PRO and push the assistance work.