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5/3/1 Bodybuilding Template & Deload

How do you guys treat the accessory work during the deload week? I see the %'s for the main exercises, but am unsure if the accessory work continues as usual, or if it is quite reduced.


There are probably some better programs out there for bodybuilding; the 5/3/1 is more of a strength routine in my opinion. If you were looking for a ‘strong bodybuilder’ program then DC training might be something to look at.

With that in mind, for the deload week you would want to scale back both volume and intensity. Your accessory work generally should not be to failure anyway - but I would lighten it up a bit just to make sure that you are allowing for optimal recovery.

Note: For advanced trainees (generally at least 5 years training) you can sometimes get away with lower rep work for hypertrophy.

Depends on how I’m feeling. I’ll scale back the widowmaker sets I do every time a deload comes around, and lighten up the log pressing, but most everything else I go by feel. If nothing is irritating me, I’ll just proceed as usual with the assistance work.

Im on my first 5-3-1 deload and I’m taking the weight percentages of the main lifts and applying them to my accessory work as well. Reps and Sets stay the same.