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5/3/1 Beyond: TM After 100% Squat Day? Progression After 5th Week?

Hey everyone. Question about the beyond 5/3/1. One is about setting up the program and advancing and the other is about the beyond 5/3/1 1.1 t nation article with the 20 week program. Both are similar questions. In the beyond 5/3/1 when you hit your 100% day in the squat would you up your training max the next squat day or would you wait for week 4?

My question about the program laid out in the 1.1 is it shows only 5 weeks. Would you add weight to your training max after the 5th week?

You run through that entire 5 weeks of Beyond 5/3/1 1.1 with your training max the same. You then increase it by up to 5/10lbs for upper/lower body lifts.

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Excellent that’s what I thought but wasn’t sure

1.1 is 5 weeks long. After 5 weeks you start 1.2.

1.1 + 1.2 + 1.3 + 1.4 = 20 weeks


Ok that’s what I was wondering as it just ends at week 5 and it was very vague as to when to increase weight after a cycle and deload weeks and all that

This program has built in deloads.

“All percentages are based on your Training Max ™. Again, make sure you increase your TM for this cycle”

That’s a quote from the programme and deload are described in week 5. Are you motivated to do this programme? As you seem to have only skimmed the reading. Are you sure this is for you.

I read through it and noticed that most weeks are the same for the 5 weeks but after looking through it and thinking it through I see what you mean. I was not aware that there was more then one article till it was posted here.

I did have a question about the dynamic work and some of the cardio training. I don’t have max balls or a weighted vest. I see Jim states these things are important but is there anything I can do to replace or substitute for lack of this equipment?

Fair enough, there’s loads of text. I just wanted to check.

I did other dynamic exercises to warm up like Kettlebell swings instead of jumps and dynamic press ups. But some of that was because I ran it in a very cold gym at 6am in northern England. Bbrrrrr

I also rucked, cycled and walked to work (light rucksack) so didn’t worry too much about the weighted vest. But now I have one, I feel it would’ve benefited me.

My strength is not impressive on this forum but I’m a massive fan of this programme. It gives you a structure and you get a good understanding of how much FSL work is for you. I saw great gains until 1.3 where I did too much, Jim gives you a range. Interestingly I didn’t think it was working until I started 1.2. glad I stuck to it as I burst through my PRs after the first deload on week 5. This programme is now why I can commit to 5 pros leaders for 6 weeks and be confident that I’ll get the result I’m after.

Thanks. I like the idea of changing and using some of the dynamic work. I completely get the working out in the cold as I have a small home gym where it can get pretty cold. Luckily I just got a garage heater for it so hopefully it is enough to keep me going for the workouts when it gets negative 20 below lol