5/3/1 bench

Ok here is the days i do my lifts.

F- Over head press.

What i was wondering is can i replace the overhead press main lift with another bench press variation on friday i was thinking of starting at about 135 and doing paused bench press on the chest like in a powerlifting comp for 5 sets of 5 and then adding 10 lbs a week then just continue my other over head press assistance work. So i would be doing my regualr bench day on tuesday then friday doing 5 sets of 5 of the paused benching. My bench is lagging behind and id really like to bring it up a little faster. Would this be a good or bad idea?

Why do you want to get rid of the overhead press? Could your bench be lagging from a lack of overhead strength?

I would not get rid of the press or any of the main lifts. How long have you been lifting and what are your current lifts at. I think its fine to do extra work on one of the main lifts if as long as it does not hurt or bring down any of your other lifts or hinder your progress. That being said if your making progress on the bench anyway I wouldn’t change anything and just keep lifting as is.

why not just do westside? You’ll work on your lifts and assistance can be whatever you want, to bring up weaknesses.

How about doing pauses while working your bench on the normal day… I had great gains in high school when I started doing bench with a pause… my spotter basically acted as a judge and told me when to press… I did that with sets in the 5-6 range and it hits your chest much better than I typical bench especially for those who try to bounce it off their chest… good luck!!

How much shoulder work do you do on your other upper body days?

My other question is what about doing your second bench press day on wed?