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5/3/1 Bench/Squat Twice, No OHP

Current Split (currently last week befor 1RM test and deload)

Bench 5/3/1 PR set
Bench 5x5 @FSL
Back work

Squat work adjusted for reasons

OHP 5/3/1 PR set
DB Bench 5x1-15 or Myoreps
Back work

Deadlift 5/3/1 PR set
Deadlift 5x5 @ FSL
Core work

I did the split for 3 days per week, super effective for me. Did it since april this year.

Because i wanna adress some points now, i’m changing.

This is my plan how go further (explaination below).

Keeping 3d/w

Front Squat 3/5/1 5s
Split Squats
Core work

Bench 3/5/1 (PR set?)
Bench 5x5 @ FSL/SSL
Back work

Deadlifts 3/5/1 (PR set?)
Deadlifts 5x5 @FSL/SSL
Core work

Front Squats 5x5 @ FSL/SSL
Bench 5x5 @ FSL/SSL
Back work

Because of reasons (knee/quad tendon) I’m doing Front Squats instead of Back Squats, and also doing it twice for increasing load tolerance of tendon.
The 5x5 day is all technique day.
I’m also dropping my OHP to add additional volume to my Bench (also technique 5x5, same day as Front Squat).
I suck at benching.

I’m considering switching my regular bench on technique day with a spoto press.
I keep my deadlift work the same, but also considering switching my FSL work with some paused deadlifts.

What ? on PR set means, i’m not sure about this. if i’m going for FSL then i stick to PR set. If SSL is the way then maybe not. (some advice would be great. I never did SSL).

Also never tried 3/5/1, so very curious about that.

I plan trying for 2 cycles (6weeks 1 deload) before adapting (if)
The main goal is to fix my knees (and perfect my bench) while still doing 5/3/1 and getting stronger.

I’m experimenting with that so, i know it’s not as the books say. But let’s try.

Is there anithing that i missed?, or am i completly wrong on approaching a new template. Is there a better, already made up template that fits better?

PS: i train at home, i have a Power rack, a bench, low/high pulley, some 20kg db.

Let me hear. thx in advance