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5/3/1 Bench: Pause or Touch and Go?

Question: I am about a 6 weeks into my first attempt at 5-3-1. is it recommended that you pause during reps or use touch and go? I gave started using the pause method as I eventually want to compete . Any thoughts ??

Touch and go. But since you plan on competing, I think you made a wise decision, keeping it sport specific. Progressing weights or reps might come to a dead end sooner, unless your TM was based off of a pause set

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Scott thx . I will stick with the pause . It’s tough particularly since I never done it before and I based my 1RM on touch and go

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I don’t train according to Jim Wendler, because I always prefer Russian training programs that I often modified, but if you compete, keep in mind that touch&go is invalid and absolutely unnecessary for the raw lifter (you also prevent injuries in the shoulder and chest area).

For all reps (and no matter if one or six reps), keep a strict pause in the amortization phase. I personally adhere to the pause, which lasts for 1.52 seconds. Almost any reps I make by mistake without the pause are invalid for me.