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5/3/1 -Bench Assistance Exercises

I switched some of the exercises recently and have noticed some loss in strength on bench.
Just wondered what the best exercises that give the best carryover to bench?

heres my current assistance exercises for bench:
(all performed at 3X12)
Chest Dip
incline DB Bench
incline DB Flys
Cable Tricep Extension

Why not use one of the many templates the man behind the program have made allready.

In essence the most simple thing would be to do something like this on upperbody days:

Bench or OHP: 5/3/1.
An additional pressing excercise( dips variations, bench variations, OHP variations etc ):3-5 sett x 10-15 reps.
A row variation: 3-5 sett x 10-15 reps.
A chins/pulldown variation: 3-5 sett x 10-15 reps.

This is simple and it is balanced since you do as many pulling excercises as you do pushing excercises.

You can also add stuff like curls, tricep isolation, rear delt fly etc if you want and have energy for it.

You can also do bench as the secondary lift on the OHP day to increase both benching frequency and weekly benching volume.

Hope that was any helpfull.

What template are you using?

[quote]chobbs wrote:
What template are you using?[/quote]

wendlers bodybuilding template


If that’s what Wendler suggests within his bodybuilding template, then stick with it. Don’t mess with the program.

Wendler recommends weighted dips, db flies, pushdowns, and pushups.

Um. You changed what you were doing and are now weaker. You’ve made the connection but haven’t done anything about it…?