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5/3/1 Beginners Progression, 5 Pounds Upper/10 Pounds Lower?


@Jim_Wendler thanks for replying. the thing is, today is rest day and tomorrow will be deadlift day since i couldnt hit wednsday workout due to holidays. if i want to get them all in i would have to do 3 days in a row because i work on saturday until gym closes so i cant make it.

im still in my second cycle of low weights. i can either skip or re do the whole week next week. im doing 16 reps for squats 11 deads 6 ohp and 9 bench


I’m sure you’ll be fine to do the three days in a row this one time.


I think this answers your question.


I’ve trained more than 60 days in a row. 3 days is fine.


thanks guys!