5/3/1 Beginners Progression, 5 Pounds Upper/10 Pounds Lower?

so each cycle the spreadsheat says to increase upper body from 1.25-2.5 kg and lower 2-5 kg
but the program says add 5 pounds to upper lift and 10 to lower after each cycle. should i do minimum increase or go for the 5 upper 10’lower? i want slow progression but want to stick by the book.

5/10 is probably the most common application. Otherwise you’ll need fractional plates and that seems like a drag.

Go for 5 and 10 as long as you can. Once you have problems with 5 or 10 extra lbs drop it down some. Have to remember too that the additional weight goes to training max so your weights won’t go up a full 5-10 lbs. At least that’s how I run 531.

Follow the book, not a third party spreadsheet.


I’ve been wondering about this for a while and wanted to know your opinion on this.

I know wendler says that 5/10 lbs increases are the absolute maximum and smaller increments may be preferred sometimes. Since I use kgs plates, I figured that the smallest increments I can make are 5.5 lbs and 11 lbs. Does this in any way break the program?

Close enough. You will be good.



I do 5kg for deads/squat, 2.5kg for bench and 1.25 for OHP

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Progress, no matter how small is still progress!

im doing 5/3/1 beginners and was wondering if going to two days in a row might impact greatly my performance?

Probably. That may not be an issue though. Remind me of the template?

Is there an option to split the days up?

A lot of it depends on the template and how hard you go in the gym. I did a beginner template that had monday: squat and bench Wednesday: deadlift, ohp Friday: bench, squat and I wouldn’t dream of doing consecutive days.

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You can definitely raise your TM by less than 5/10 pounds, just not more. Use common sense as well. If you don’t have a good mesocycle on the squat for instance, but have a great one on the DL, then you could raise the DL by 10 pounds as normal and the squat by 5. Stick to the principles of the program, and you’ll make progress.

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If you are talking about working the same muscles two days in a row, that is never recommended. I dont think you should even work out a muscle that hasnt recovered and that is still sore.

I dont know much about the Wendler program, but it looks overcomplicated. It has you focused too much on meeting certain numbers, e.g. weight and reps, rather than on more important factors such as proper form and pushing yourself to failure.

While there is a lot of good information out there, I am not a big fan of people putting out ebooks or whatever with their take on what makes a good regimen.

While this is a forum where people help each other, I have noticed a bad habit of people outsourcing their thinking (and responsibility?) to others. Youre 26? People have to learn to take responsibility and make their own decisons.

I realize you have medical issues, right? I would prioritize getting those sorted out. If your thyroid and testosterone levels are off you are going to have a host of problems not only in physical performance and making gains, but in cognitive performance.

The seeming indecisiveness I see in your posts may be entirely related to your hormonal, medical issues. I wish you luck.

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@dasein straight to the point. thanks a lot mate

thanks guys!

@dagill2 i went and did it. monday squat bench, wed deads and ohp and friday bench and squats. i did reps prs :slight_smile:

@bcrowe2012 i went and actually did reps prs! :slight_smile: yeah a bit high in volume for sure.

I enjoyed that while I did it. Make sure to eat a lot though.

You do realize this is a sub-forum for 531 (a Wendler program), that he himself participates in and answers questions. So, by dismissing it as “overcomplicated” after saying you don’t know much about it, and then going on to dish out advice to someone following it is not useful.

If I went on a Tesla forum, and, when someone had a specific question about an aspect of their car, I responded with “I don’t know much about Tesla, but their cars seem too shiny to me” it wouldn’t be very helpful.