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5/3/1 Beginners Excel Sheet, Look Right?

I just started to look into 5/3/1 and i have made my own excel sheet with the exercises and it calculates the weight for you.

Could u guys give me some feedback on how it looks and if i did it right?

Thanks :smiley:

I have a similar sheet, but assuming you don’t have 125g plates I use =MROUND(formula here,2.5) to round the weights to the nearest 2.5kg on mine. Could be useful for you.

I do have 1.25 plataan at my gym. I Just didnt know How to put in in my excel sheet! Thanks tho :smiley:

Could anyone give me Some advice on the assesori exercises? Or is it Just fine as it is

1.25 kg = 1250 g, so rounding to 2.5 kg will be necessary

i think it would be wise to focus on bodyweight assistance exercises…