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5/3/1 Beginners and Feeling Sick

hello guys!

so this week i started the second cycle of 5/3/1 Beginners (did only mondays workout) and got sick, tried to do deadlift today but i was fatigued and short in breath so i had to leave. sincd i wont be able to hit the gym this week, i was planning on doing week 3 of first cycle and continue from there or should i do first week of second cycle next week?


usually i feel weaker when getting back after a break

(something to noticed. im trying to fix my hormones naturally which are low right now and one week off might be worst strength wise)

This applies to any workout, not just 5/3/1 and it’s just my thought process.

If something impedes in the first couple of weeks I’ll pick up exactly where I left off.

If I’m in the middle/end of a cycle, I’ll usually rigidly stick to the schedule already laid out for me, and just miss that week.

However, with 5/3/1 being so focused on taking it slow, and doing it right, I’d probably stick with the former under most circumstances.


hello! so yeah i started second cycle first week and only hit monday. so im planning to start next week like this week did not happened at all and continue second cycle as prescribed. is that what you mean? also what about calories now since im not moving a lot (just like 4 hours daily)

That’s exactly what I’m saying. Pretend this sick week didnt even exist, redo week 2. (Its really not a huge deal, but it makes sense in my head)

Also, I dont know the first thing about you, so I cant say a lot about your calories. Also my diet is garbage.

How old are you? Male/Female? Weight & Height? General activity levels?

Generally on heavy programs eat a lot. If you’re sick, eat a lot to help your body heal. So… I’d say keep eating. If you’re trying to lose weight, you should probably switch programs.

I love food, I’ll always say eat.

HA! no worries im guessing you dont count? male 26 6’2’’ weight 154

6’2’’ weight 154, currently bulking.
5/3/1 beginners, 3 days a week full body, 30 ish hours standing and a bit of walking in a retailer (job), 1 hour walk when i can.

That’s neat, I’m 6’2" and also 26. And I work in a landscape wholesale company. Not much different than retail, things are just a bit heavier.

Knowing that, eat like every meal is your last. I usually put down about 1500 calories a meal. (I only eat twice a day and snack a little when I can). My only personal requisites for food are ~3500 calories a day, and as close to 200g of protein a day. If you start putting on fat you dont want, just dial it back a notch.