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5/3/1 Beach Body Training


just finished the first 3 weeks of this program and am going to adjust TM and go another 3 weeks…might do the 6 weeks again or if Krypteia is out yet give that a whirl
Background…53 yr old lifter,following 5/3/1 for probs 4 years,train with my wife 54 yr old highland games athlete,former strongwoman,national champ in powerlifting(she has 4 masters world championships and tore her meniscus this past august winning title#4…surgery was in Oct…cleared for all activities)

5/3/1 Beach Body-following the 3 day program with off days conditioning(dont have a prowler so doing some weighted vest walks with some Walrus inspired bodyweight circuits) 7th day on sunday if weather is nice(live in NY so hit or miss)we throw the scottish games implements
Progress so far…dropped about 4 lbs in the 3 weeks,cleaning up diet,cutting soda ,and giving the workout an honest go belt is down a notch so all good Really like the workout because it uses hang cleans 2 of the 3 days as this is usually the most benficial to the games(along with heavy deads)

Goals…drop another few pounds…increase my athleticism,and become a NOV warrior(LOL)…wife has dropped a few pounds and wants the same and basically be in shape for Worlds in June(in ICELAND…woohoo)
question-would anyone recomend staying on Beach Body Challenge longer that 12 weeks?? reading up on another forum of jims Krypteia workout and it looks real interesting…def want to implement it after BBC( 6 or 12 week) like the EOD lifting in BBC,Krypteia,and 5/3/1 total body workouts as on off days can condition or throw the scottisg games implements


From my experience I would recommend staying on a program until progress has stopped. So if your program is stilling helping you meet your goals you should stay on it. However if it is not then maybe it would be time to try something different.


Yeah cap Beach body at 12 weeks -too long and the heavy singles will catch up with you and make you injury prone especially if over 50.

Alternate between these two below(similar but less taxing) before you do another Beach body run. I would say can add hang cleans one day a week, just keep them submaximal/well away from failure.