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5/3/1 BBS, Opposite Lift for Assistance?

First off, I just want to preface this by saying that I plan on following the program to the T and that I trust that the program is best as written, so this question is more for curiosities sake than anything else.

I’m going to be starting the BBS program today, and I remember in another thread someone asked if they could do the opposite lift for the assistance work and you said no. Is there any particular reason for this? I particularly like switching the assistance days to get some more frequency and make it not so boring, but if it works best doing everything once a week then I’m in!

Doing the opposite lift as 5x10 is a common variate in BBB (“less boring”). You’ll find the template from here, or Jim’s homepage just in a few seconds.

This is for Boring but strong, the 10x5 program on jim’s website. For BBS he recommends doing the same lift, which made me wonder why, seeing as how doing the opposite lift is so popular for BBB.

I certainly can’t speak for Jim, but I’m on the 3rd cycle of BBS, and I could see that doing 10x5 at 75% or 80% (let alone 85%) would compromise your performance on the 5/3/1 lifts later in that week, depending on your routine.

Oh, I misread it. Not the first one, thought. Sorry for that.

As far as I know BBS is a challenge, and we’ll know what W thinks of modifying challenges. :slight_smile:

I have no experience of this program, probably someone more qualified will help you with this.

Because your body is already warmed up for that lift. I’m assuming youve done the BBS challenge? If not, perhaps you should do the challenge and then make any modifications you need. But the challenge is very effective will work, if done properly.