5/3/1 BBB with Farmer Walk as Conditioning

Currently I m about 3.5 cycles into 5/3/1 with BBB. Before this week I have done no conditioning so far because I didnt have free time. But I think that I have to do some conditioning so from this week, I managed to get some free time in the morning.
So Im trying the farmer walk for daily morning conditioning as I have no access to prowler, sled, hill and really flat surface to sprint. (I live in Vietnam’s city and we only have prowler at one gym and it is 20km from my house.

I go light 20~24kg each hand, go for distance until my hands can’t hold on anymore, normally about 200 yard, rest a bit to shake that off and go for 2 100 yards trip. After that I do about 3x5 Hang Clean (light too, only 30~40kg) as I want to improve my Clean technique a bit. They only take about 20~30 minutes in the morning.
After 3 days, I feel good, and the only thing I think is not normal is I tend to nap longer at noon.
So what do you think? May I have any comment and advice about this kind of thing? And this is my first post. :smiley:

Two other options for conditioning are barbell complexes and stairs. I’ll assume you have buildings around… instead of sprinting up hills sprint up the stairwells.

Or… throw some weight in a back pack and walk up/down the steps.

The problem with barbell complex is I don’t know which to choose that will not have negative effect to my 5/3/1 workout in the afternoon.
And I dont have stairs in my house and my gym

For the complexes it does’t really matter what you do, just don’t use a lot of weight to start. The first couple times might make you sore, but once you’re used to it they shouldn’t affect your strength training.