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5/3/1 BBB Training Log

Ah, college. Back when me and my friends thought we were all busy and didn’t have time for anything, but in reality, we just had a lot of other extracurricular stuff we were doing. Haha.

But seriously though, just enjoy school. Just manage your time well.

I’ve had the opposite problem- too much time :rofl: I’m actually getting paranoid that my luck will run out

@khert0202 Best piece of advice


ye lots of other things too

Dude, if you ever have questions about classes, college apps or HS life stuff, feel free to ask me. I just graduated in May, so the experience is pretty fresh

I’m not an expert by any means, but my mom owns a college consulting/test prep company that I interned at for the past 2 summers. I also edited all my friend’s college essays if that helps!
It’s never a bad idea to start early

Lmao that’s why t nation is awesome- get to talk about health and lfting
but also can get advice on life and other important things
ill definitly ask you for help in the future

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Yep, I’ve gotten incredible relationship and personal finance advice

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I will admit, I have a bit of a soft spot for teens engaging in athletic endeavours and committing to them; I was a martial arts coach for almost 10 years for mainly kids/youth, and watching students progress is so damn awesome.

I don’t have nearly the same depth of weight training knowledge that lots of the other people do on here, but I’m excited to see how you progress, @khert0202!

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Thanks for tagging along on the ride @kdjohn !!

Well i will be interested in seeing your progress.


First Day of 5/3/1 in the books!
Felt surprisingly easy but that is how the program is suppose to start so I am not going to rush anything. Squat weight that I based maxes of was 270, or 90% of 300. Decided all assistance work would be leg or ab related on squat day. And all the percentages were rounded up to the next 5 pounds. 5x10 of squats or the BBB work was only 60% of max but will increase that percentage every few weeks.I am questioning if I should push the last set of the regular 5/3/1 to failure or just do the prescribed reps and move on? Any opinion would be helpful.

Anyways here was the workout:
Squat warm up: 1x5 at 125 1x5 at 145 1x3 at 165
Squat Work sets 1x5 at 205 1x5 at 220 1x5 at 230
BBB Squat Work: 5x10 at 165
Other Assistance Work: Dumbbell Romanian Dead lift 4x10
Single Leg Extensions 1x20 1x18 1x15 each leg- hold top squeeze on last rep of each set
Hanging Leg Raises with 8lb weight 5x10

Solid workout all together, took around an hour, and I ready for the next day already

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And another question I had: Am I supposed to do the BBB sets for squat on a squat day of 5/3/1 or do BBB for deadlift on a squat day, OHP BBB on bench 5/3/1 day, squat BBB on deadlift 5/3/1 day etc.?

Both are options. I think the one where you do both upper or lower body lifts in a session is called the ‘less boring’ option. You can also run your bbb sets at fsl weights like with beefcake but it requires a lower tm.

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Ill think ill just stick with this method then if there is nothing wrong with it

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This might be helpfull if you want to do BBB: https://jimwendler.com/blogs/jimwendler-com/101077382-boring-but-big?_pos=1&_sid=8d19d1b2d&_ss=r

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This should help as well. Not sure if it was already given to you, so I’ll just drop this here same way some members gave it to me when I started here

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You seem to be doing everything right so far, I’m really interested to see how this goes.

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I’ll look at it, thanks

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I’ll make sure to read this article too thanks @whang

Today again felt pretty light on my first few sets, so I decided to push the last set a rep or two from failure on my 5/3/1 sets.
Was feeling good and got a little carried away with the accessory work…
Gonna cut back on that for next week, overall another good session though

Bench warm up 65x5 85x5 100x3
Bench week 1 sets 120x5 130x5 135x8
5x10 at 100
High to low cable fly 2x25
Low to high cable fly 2x20
5x10 weighted dips
3x8 close grip bench
Tricep pushdown 4x25