5/3/1 BBB Training Log

This is where I will do training log, and Ill post the first workout tonight after I lift. Excited to start this new phase!!!

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Good Luck with 5/3/1 @khert0202

Thanks man

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In for the log buddy!

sounds good!!

What template did you end up choosing btw?

I’m doing big but boring as the main assistance work with a few smaller exercises after, if that answers your question?

Yup! Template = boring but big, building the monolith, 5/3/1 for beginners, etc etc

Awesome. I’ve never used that but I know lots of people have had great success with it

That the reviews I have heard, great for gaining strength in the big three but also gaining an appreciable amount of muscle mass

As long as you eat right, then yes, the program will workout just fine

Congrats dude!

exciting to here

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thanks @anna_5588

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If you ever get “bored” with BBB, this the program to go with.

You could probably make top level progress cycling through 5/3/1 variations for the rest of your lifting career


I think your reply was addressed to OP, but just wanted to say…

…I’m still stuck on 5/3/1 For Beginners :lol:

yea it really does have so many options and different things to do, but at the same time is so simple and easy to follow, this is probably why so many people use it


it’s also time efficient!

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you aren’t wrong about that!!

IDK what your schoolwork and extracurricular schedule looks like, but most of my friends did NOT have 90-120min to spend in the gym by junior year.

Typical day for me looks like:
School 730- 3 ish
Baseball 3- 5
Get home for 530
then have homework and other things with trying to get to sleep by a good time so yeah I can agree with that