5/3/1 BBB Template w/ FSL on Deads

I’ll make it simple on squat and bench day follow BBB template but on Deadlifts do FSL reason being 5x10 of deads aggravate the SHIT out of my asshole and herniated disc . Has anyone done anything similar to what I’m doing ? Would like some feed back thanks guys

They are just extras, you don’t have to do BBB or FSL or any additional work if you don’t want. BBB is basically just a form of assistance, albeit a popular one. It’s fine if you want to pick and choose different templates for each lift. Personally, I also do BBB for squat and bench (or a variation of squat 5x10), but only FSL for press and usually no extra for DL because it just seems that the basic work alone is very effective for it.

The BBB variations don’t involve 5 x 10. They are with heavier weight and less reps, still 5 sets though. I do FSL or some version of it for every lift including the dead lift and usually add a twist. I.e. I stand on plates, switch to sumo, etc. just to get some variation. I do not do BBB unless it is the “challenge” and only use FSL so I can do other assistance. I basically stick to the “triumvirate” after the PR asset nd FSL variation. My ass and discs never backtalk me either.

Thank you you guys for some feed back