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5/3/1 BBB Supersetting

Hi Jim and fellow lifters.Im 17 years old and came back from 2 injuries to start 5/3/1.Today was my first Day(bench day)I want to ask that is it okay to superset pullups with the BBB variation 1 sets from beyond 5/3/1 or should i do it after my bbb sets?Thanks

I think you can superset them with stuff like pull aparts or chins if they don’t tax you much. Ditto completely different things like calf raises when you’re benching or curls when you’re squatting. It’s down to what you can recover from. BBB isn’t a cakewalk.

I think i will superset the pullups in the first 3 warmup sets.Yesterday it felt a little taxing when i did them with bbb sets so i will try this and your suggestions,thanks.

Great idea. I do that with fatman pull-ups when I deadlift and pull aparts when I press and bench. Push-ups when I squat.