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5 3 1 BBB Starts Tomorrow


Hey guys, ive posted up a few threads about programs and apologise if it was annoying but ive decided to do the 5 3 1. Squat day is tomorrow, and im using the boring but big template. just thinking about doing 5x10 squats after the 5 3 1 lift makes my legs sore lol how have u guys found the 5x10? anyone tried anything else in different rep ranges that works?


I will answer all you threads in one go, do the program as written, simple as that, I haven't done this program in a long time but found it very useful for what I was looking for. If you have the book read it again if you haven't then buy it now!! Do your 5/3/1 or as in your case 5 week then, go light (really light) with the two exercises at 5x10, this is pretty humbling and you'll be very sore, so again go light!!

I put a beginner in gym I train on this and told him exactly the same he didn't listen and six months later has us no success and actually has gone backwards don't be that guy, do the program, if your feeling horny then push a prowler then go home and eat

Simple as that


Alright mate, ill do it as written. what u mean in my case 5 week? The only thing im gonna add is shrugs on DL day and barbell curls somewhere in there.


The first week of the program is 3 sets of 5 reps for the main movements. I wouldn't add anything for the first month at least, trust me and read the main wendler thread if your doing 5x10 you will be sore all over no need for extra movements to begin with. Again do it as written, nothing more.