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5/3/1 BBB Review and Questions


Hey all, I have done a few cycles of the below program and it has worked great. All of the big 4 lifts are up 20+ lbs. So far my stats are body weight 179, BF 6.8, bench 300, dead 425, squat 405. My goal is to add another 20 to each lift. Question is for my next cycle can I mix things up and do front squats for the 5x10 assistance work and stiff leg deads for the 5x10 as well? I feel like doing regular squats and deads wear me down too much.

Exercise Sets Reps
A Military press * *
B Bench press 5 10
C Chins 5 10
** Curls 3 10
** Triceps pushdowns 3 10
** Face pulls 3 10
* 5/3/1 sets
** optional, choose between doing one, two, or all three

Exercise Sets Reps
A Deadlift * *
B Squat 5 10
C Ab wheel 5 10-20
* 5/3/1 sets

Exercise Sets Reps
A Bench press * *
B Press 5 10
C DB rows 5 10
** Curls 3 10
** Triceps pushdowns 3 10
** Face pulls 3 10
* 5/3/1 sets


It's working and you want to change?


I dont want to but I feel like my legs are smoked. If the progam is set it stone I will leave it. However I was curious if exercise varations are acceptable.


If your legs are smoked, you are either doing to much volume for legs (in the form of accessories) or your eating habits are not in line with your goals. or both. And be more precise. "feel like" sounds like a cop out.

I never said the program is set in stone. Not sure where you got that. Quite the contrary. YOU decide the exercises that will match your goal(s).

Start with the template, go at it a least on cycle and see where it leads.


Ok sounds good. I did the template as it was written without adding anything extra. I do alot of running as well though. I always wondered when it said squat it that meant regular squats only.

Thanks for the quick response.


You are good to go with the variations. On the deadlift especially, most people do a variation such as stiff-legs or good mornings. That is quite common.


The BBB program is not meant to be done with running. This has been written too many times to count. Use the Lifer program or something similar.


Unfortunately my job requires that I pass a military pt test every few months so I have to run to maintain my current fitness level.


That is fine. Just don't do BBB. Follow Jim's advice


Exactly - pick the programming that fits your needs. Trying to shoehorn your goals (obviously the PT test is most important) into a program is not a smart idea. You wouldn't practice the cello for an algebra test. Choose the right program for the right goal.


Okay ill do that. Do you happen to have a link to the template so I can make the switch.



I see what your saying. My problem is that I set multiple goals. the pt tests have always been very easy for me because I've always been a really fast runner so I figured I could do both. My bad.