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5/3/1 BBB or 5/3/1 Building the Monolith, Which One for Size?

I am interested in running one of these programs for size and strenght.
Deadlift 440 pounds
Squat 340 pounds
Bench press 230 pounds
Weight 76kg/167 pounds
17 years old
Which one?

Both for size. Run one, then the other.


How many proper chin ups and dips can you do In a single set?

About 20-25 chin up
Dips 30-4


Impressive strength at your age and weight IMO. Like @T3hPwnisher said, it’s a good idea to run BBB and then BTM. That’s what I’m doing myself in my mass building cycle that I’ll begin the upcoming week.

25 chin ups? He said proper, not half reps.

I just realized this is the third time this kid has asked for a size program. Still hasn’t put on weight.

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