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5/3/1 BBB of a Weak Ass


Very bad news. I have to stop training for 10 days because yesterday I had a strong dizziness and I fell and hit my head very strong. I have a wound of something like 7cm and had to go to the OR to get 9 staples. It was horrible to see so much blood :confounded::confounded:


Im lucky because it hasnt damaged anything inside my head, just a big wound. Also I was on deload week so it isnt that bad. Im lucking forward to get this removed and keep rocking as always


Take it easy and recover. You have been killing it. Give your body a chance to heal.

P.s. this coming from a very hard headed man lol


Thanks mate. My head is so hard that I wonder how I didnt break the door instead of getting a wound. As the next 3 days are full of exams, Im just studying and doing some mobility work at home


However, maybe in 3/4 days I’ll get the staples removed and I’ll get back to training with new objectives :blush:


Finally my exams are over and training is back!
Today I’ll do light work as I still have the staples but it feels soooo good to be back


Are we talking straight sets (lone) or in staggered format?


I thought of just doing some pull ups, rows, grip things but I also feel like doing some basic work like deadlifts even if its with lightweight


I feel sooo tired mentally and physically that today I did something but not much and not as I wanted.

Chin ups

Rows ss hamer curls


Finally strength came back (maybe it has never left) and even if todays workout was something light, Im feeling like a gorilla again!
I also had the staples removed in the morning but I’ll have to stay away from bench some more time.
Today I did:

Dips (instead of bench)

Single arm press
3x5 24kg

Face pull

Now time to rest and tomorrow I’m going to do skwats. I think all I needed was a big cup of coffe and loud music


My life is like a fucking rollercoaster and I hate it, one day Im on top and next day Im at the bottom. I also that its important to think in long term but knowing that two weeks ago I could squat 5x135kg and today I couldnt almost move 95kg drives me mad.
5x95kg I was supposed to do another set but my right knee started hurting so I had to stop


Abs wheel


Honestly, I have never felt so confused about myself and I dont know what to change or do


Keep working on it. Learning figuring out why one day it works and another it doesn’t. Is it form?, diet?, recovery time?

Enjoy the process


I think that the main problem was two weeks studying 8 hours per day. Diet is the same but those weeks I ate a bit less as I spent almost the whole day sitted. I try to enjoy it and avoiding injuries, but I also want to get back in track as fast as possible


Pain hasnt desappeared in my knee and I still cant bench due to the wound so I’ll work the best I can. Tomorrow I’ll do press indtead of bench and then dips as assistance. Im not sure if I should start again the 5/3/1 scheme or maybe keep doing some volume until Im fully healed


Body has spoken and Im truly back. I had a headache before the gym but everything goes away with irons. I have been doing seated overhead press until today but I changed it to standing overhead press.

Standing press
AMRAPx55kg I got 10 and I actually thought that my performance was going to be worse

Bench press (I tried to do it without touching the bench with the wound)
5x10 65kg

5x10 34kg

Hammer curls


I had deadlift for today buy wasnt sure if I was going to be able to do it. Finally I ended up smashing antoher pr and feeling so well.
AMRAPx135kg I got 14 reps

Abs wheel

I didnt squat because I dont want my knee to get worse so I’ll wait a bit more. Its also funny making some noise in a commercial gym because anybody is used to hear plates hitting the ground and they stare at you with strange faces


Today I went tl the gym after two days off to make sure that I could bench confortably enough. I had to use a small towel to lay my head for not feeling pain. Everything is going well and it keeps getting harder day by day.

AMRAPx95kg I got 6 reps. Small improvement byt its still improvement

Standing press
5x10 40kg

Pull ups

5x10 34kg

Face pull


Also knee pain has desappeared so tomorrow I’ll warm up the best I can to squat and if everything goes well and I dont feel pain I’ll be skwating again :gorilla:


This is the wound I’ve been talking about but it is much better right now